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Tips For A Healthy Smile

5 Fun Facts About Dental Floss

1) National Flossing Day is the day after Thanksgiving.

2) Over three million miles of dental floss are purchased in North America each year.

3) Proper flossing requires the average person to use 122 yards of floss per year. However, data shows that the average person only uses 18 yards of floss per year.

4) Only 28 percent of people say they floss every day.

5) 73% of people say they would rather go grocery shopping than floss their teeth. 


Choose your toothpaste wisely

Sure, it’s easier to buy cheap toothpaste because you might think there’s no difference between expensive and cheap toothpaste. However, it’s essential to choose toothpaste wisely. Most kinds of toothpaste contain glycerin that may do more harm than good. The thing is, glycerin coats the teeth and prevents remineralization. Like bones, teeth are composed of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals, which are all delivered to teeth through saliva. When these minerals cannot get in teeth, your teeth are not as strong as they should be. So, make sure you buy glycerin free toothpaste.


Brush your teeth every day

While this tip is the easiest, many people forget to brush their teeth twice a day daily. Brushing your teeth regularly removes plaque from the surface of your teeth. Just ensure you brush them correctly. You should hold your toothbrush at about 45 degree angle, where your gums and teeth meet, and brush your teeth gently moving your toothbrush back and forth, using short strokes. You should also brush every tooth 15-20 times with a soft toothbrush.


Clean your tongue

When it comes to a beautiful and healthy smile, I’m sure the last thing that comes to your mind is cleaning your tongue. Believe it or not, it’s important to clean your tongue regularly since it harbors many bacteria. You can brush your tongue using your toothbrush, but I recommend using a tongue scraper. It’s not expensive, but if you can’t buy it, I suggest using a spoon like I actually do. A spoon makes good tongue scrapper, so give it a try.

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