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One of the best ways to provide our patients with excellent oral health is to educate them on proper habits at home. While we take the time necessary during visits to meticulously clean and polish your teeth, we will also evaluate your home techniques and continue to educate you as needed. We are equipped to go the extra mile by providing in-depth patient education and recommending protection measures such as dental sealants or Night Guards.


Vista Dental Center recommends that you have routine cleanings and exams, so that not only will your smile be whiter and brighter, but should any problems occur with your teeth or gums, we will see it at an early stage and be able to do conservative dental work. Routine cleanings help you to maintain optimal oral heath and a beautiful smile, but are also a very important part of your overall health.

Dental cleanings are designed not only to polish your teeth, but also to remove plaque and tarter that you may have missed while brushing and flossing. During your exam, Dr. Garza, along with our highly educated hygienists, will check for signs of dental problems. Regular cleanings ensure that dental problems are diagnosed at an early stage so that we are able to do the most conservative dental work possible. Scheduling regular professional dental cleanings for you and your family will save you time and money in the long run.

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